Project Info


In 2012, in collaboration with Daniel Jerosch and Aurelia Zihlmann and the «Lernnetz Schweiz»,
we produced a learning film about typography.
We wanted  to teach the viewer the basics and explain differences in their respective. But it has to be

short and simple, because the main target audience
is 6-10 year olds without a basic knowledge of the subject. I apologize, but the spoken text in the video
is not available in english.



Typography is a very complex and profound theme.
In order to teach children and lay the topic in a simple and fun way, first thing to do was what and how we want to communicate. What is most important? What key messages we want to convey to the viewer? The aim was to implement the answers to these questions and make a nice and of course beautiful short movie.


As the theme typography is very extensive, we limited ourselves to the topic „font selection“ and decided to laser-cut individual letters out of 3 millimeters wood (MDF) for the main animations.


Our key messages in the movie are:

-  There are different fonts.

-  Fonts have different properties and functions.

-  To be able to convey the message well,

    it is important to choose a matching font.

Design Process


After the first scene, we realized how big the time outlay was. To shift each letter in order to make another picture can demanded high concentration and endurance. For more complex scenes, we organized ourselves so that two of us shifted the letters and the third person in front of the screen controlled spacing and retained the overview. An error or forgetting a letter would have meant having to start again from scratch. We developed additional ideas during the process and implemented them spontaneously. On the other hand we had to leave out some ideas, because the effort would have been too big to do it.



I am satisfied with our film. There are details we would do different today. In certain scenes, we could have saved ourselves a lot of time if we had to implement better planned us in advance.


Often we worked straight on, come with the intention as soon as possible forward and noticed only when it was too late, that there was a much simpler solution. Add to this that we underestimated the amount of time we needed because neither I nor anyone else from our team previously made a stop-motion film.



I think the atmosphere in the film matches the theme and content. Despite the huge theme typography, we were able to convey our chapter font choice well. At the beginning the planning and reacting of the contents was quite difficult. We could not think of a simply and easy way to present this vast and complex topic. The fact that we already had a profound in-depth knowledge, but had to explain the topic the most easy way possible, was an additional challenge. In my opinion we reached our goal to make a film that convey the importance and complexity of typography.