Project Information


After designing the monthly programs from Kiste for 3 years, the managers have asked me to review their website. It  involved integrating the appearance of the print media online, as well as to meet the contemporary media design and to develop a web design that offers the viewers something new, even after repeated visits.


In collaboration with the programmer Thomas Hartmann, the webpage was concluded in June 2015 and is now online under:



The Kiste is characterized by the square. From the very beginning it has been integrated in the basic concept of the print measures and is now also implemented on the website. Individual, variable boxes should help to guide users through the monthly overview. An adaptive form, which adjusts easily to the very different sizes of media without looking any different. The color change that takes place monthly in the print products is also integrated into the network. And the illustrations by Jan Eichenberger is integrated in a playful way in the layout. It became a variable, but stringent page which can always surprise the visitors leaving room for innovations.

Design Process


I have worked out the first drafts according to the briefings. It soon became clear that the classification of the different contents and categories is not so easy. The aim was to give the visitor a quick overview and show updates first.

During the development I stumbled upon classic web print mistakes, which at the time were still deeply felt in my layout perception. This was also the reason why there was  a redesign from my part to correct errors and details  straight after the first go-live.



It was an exciting and informative project which showed me again that cooperation, in this case with programmer Thomas, can be very exciting and complex. The joint communication, an understanding of the actions of the others and the exchange of the process among themselves proved in this case to be very helpful. Since I went traveling for a period of time while this project was still under construction, I have noticed how difficult this kind of communication is, if you can not talk face to face (notice also the time changes). One lesson that I will not soon forget.