Project Information


Kiste is an electronic music club in Baden which was founded by Marc Huber, Jorin Schmitz and Renato Binder. From the very beginning I had the chance to design the monthly program and related posters.


Within the past 4 years, a lot has happened and we have always developed us further. Certain things, such as the square, have thereby developed in different ways. Here you will find some chronological insight in the work of recent years.




The Kiste is characterized  by the square. From the very beginning it has been integrated in the basic concept of the print measures and the flyers. The first season subject was the wilderness as an allusion to a carousing party night. This was then followed by geometric abstractions.


In the third season, the collaboration with the illustrator January Eichenberger was launched. A booklet had been designed to convey more information to the visitors about the DJs and the party. It was sent out to interested parties on a monthly basis and distributed in the city. Because of   financial  matters, the booklet was a year later replaced by a flyer that was sent to thousands of households.


Season one

Design Process


Since the process stretched over such a long period of time, it was exciting for me to always be able to
revise my own work again and to question my steps and deeds. And I think that the development we went through together, could not have turned out any better.

At the beginning I worked alone on the project and focused heavily on a medium that was versatile. The poster as a program and vice versa. This turned out to be a good strategy for 2 years. In the second year the  managers wanted to convey more information about the different acts and hand the visitors a little more than a just flyer.



I developed a concept for a small program booklet which was based on the already existing format. As an addition to the team, Jan Eichenberger joined as an illustrator. We used to have and still maintain a very open and uncomplicated cooperation today. I was responsible for geometric and typographic designs and the color concept. He illustrated in addition as it was suitable. We had to drop this concept after one season because of financial hurdles and transformed it into the extreme opposite. The entire program had to be adapted into only one page (120mm x 120mm) including Jan’s drawings.

Season two

Season three

Season four



The constant revision of your own creations is not an easy task. At the same time it is I get great pleasure from always optimizing, changing and adapting concepts to new circumstances (budget cuts). Proven concepts remain and are supplemented with new ideas.