Project Info


A design competition that I have  participated together with Marco Spieser, a very good friend and designer. It took place in the summer of 2013, competing for 5 weeks and almost winning (4th place out of 210 participants). The task was to transform the current and nearly 20 year old logo of the ASVZ (Academic Sports Association Zurich) in a new look. The brand is intended to be able to represent the professional, modern and attractive company as well as its diverse sports variety.


The ASVZ was founded in 1939 as an association. It employs 45  people, in addition over 900 employed training coaches for the management of training and courses in the more than 120 offered sports disciplines. In addition, the ASVZ provides the ability to train individually in the multiple sports facilities The most popular sports event of the ASVZ is the SOLA relay race.


Positioning Statement: "The ASVZ offers all university members an attractive and wide range of sports, in which there is something new to discover over and over again and maintaining proven methods . The contact with the ASVZ is a lasting emotional experience, because people who enjoy  movement, fitness, a balance to the studies and improving the quality of life are at the very center."



The ASVZ will in future result in a One Brand Strategy. This means that all products of ASVZ (disciplines, tournaments, services, places, events) will not get its own logo, but are consistently represented by the One Brand "ASVZ". The only sub-brand is the SOLA relay race. As a starting point we consulted the logo that has been used for more than 20 years (see below). Based on a analytical research, we have found that the lines represent a symbol for balance. Through sports, balance and structure is added to the busy student life.


We thought this idea and concept were still very appropriate and didn’t want to distance ourselves completely from the previous logo. The lines symbolically showing this concept should show more a kind of „reload“ and appear less chaotic. Being a recharge or refueling to get back the thirst for action.

Design Process


Working closely with Marco Spieser during the summer holidays of 2013, I tackled the redesign of the Academic Sports Association. We started, as required with any project, with a research and analysis. It the concept was to design and create several logo variations, application examples, a poster for a kayaking event and a t-shirt. As already mentioned, we quickly agreed that the concept should be a redesign and not a completely new idea. So we dealt primarily with writings and dynamism of lines and characters. In the end the choice fell on a slightly modified Brown (designed by Aurèle Sack). It has a modern, yet classic geometric appearance.



It was an exciting project and my first collaboration with Marco, whom I know from surfing. The outlines and definitions of the competition were a bit unclear, as proved in the end. It was meant for students,
but  design agencies were not explicitly ruled out.

It was a good experience and it is always very interesting to participate within competitions.