Project Information


Ajoin is the product of my bachelor thesis at the Zurich University of Arts. Ajoin is a new portfolio database that provides background information about processes and people. One encounters in the virtual as well as in the physical space. Exchange ideas and benefit from the knowledge of others.


The content shown in the layout have been gathered at random and are not directly related to ajoin.
They serve as outstanding examples and are labeled fictitiously.



Today there are countless platforms, which help people  network and present their work. Behance and LinkedIn are good examples, both being one of the biggest players in this market. Hence, in Europe the creative industry lacks an overarching communication platform. According to my thesis, the exchange and networking still function too much like the old schemes, which are no longer contemporary.

In addition, an overview of possible resources and opportunities should be offered. In my eyes, platforms  build, in the future of the Internet, a kind of tidy, well-structured library within the chaotic world of the Internet. Individual pages remain unnoticed  in the crowd and are untraceable, no matter how much Google is investing. I don’t search for something I don’t know, so this something is never found.


Through an analysis of existing platforms and communication channels I noticed several problems.  For instance, in my opinion, the form of presentation in the construction of the art democratization seems unprofessional. In addition, reducing the user to single figures and ignoring the real personality behind the work. As well as basic and background information about the project, being essential information to
allow the viewer to make a judgment. These and other points were deliberately omitted or improved by ajoin. Ajoin makes it possible to seek and to find.
It is a platform for inspiration, exchange as well as presentation, all in one.

Design Process


To be able to cooperate with another person, I need to know how my partner works and what he/she is capable of. The starting point was to investigate existing networks such as LinkedIn, Behance, Facebook and Deviant Art. The basic problem of anonymity on the Internet and therefore no guarantee of quality of information is currently counteracted in various ways. I noticed  rather quickly, that one can not be reduced to numbers and charts. In no matter what  job, the person is the key factor determining good or bad cooperation. The bond between individuals is an important factor and a basic component of a cooperation.





And that is where the name ajoin comes from. It is derived from adjoin, which means to add or to append. Fitting to the setting I have long been working with forms combining them into one whole. The meeting and encountering was an important role. Fortunately, for the Cinema 4D tests, a friend was able to translate my visions.


After experimenting for a long time, I decided on a reduction in the appearance. The CI of ajoin should not stand in competition with the work of the user. So the meeting at the end was "only" reproduced based on typographic details.



The project still concerns me today and is under construction. The idea is, as it can be seen here, not yet fully developed and the concept appears too large in retrospect. But I still see a lot of potential in the principles and functions of the project and that’s why I want invest more time and energy on it. In the hope that the cooperation and networking that we know today will one day be history.